Product Owner

Led the development of end-to-end data flow by creating user stories, roadmaps, EPICs, and business cases for Progressive front-end employee stress in privacy-preserving manner. Led a team of 5 (Engineers, UI/UX designers, and researchers).

Product Analyst

Built dashboards and maintained reports by analyzing data, conducting interviews, and delivering key data intelligence using Tableau to enhance DEIE efforts across the department.

Led the marketing strategies and trends by aligning product vision with business needs and developing process flows to ensure business efficiency with the market requirements.

Product Analyst- Consultant

Developed a process for data flow by documenting concise business cases, guiding cross-functional teams, and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders to improve the Health & Safety (EHS) module system.

Analyzed data requirements, improved the planning process, and improved the system's efficacy by 40% in the EHS module of British Telecom in an Agile manner by collaborating with senior managers and D-suite executives.

Business Analyst- Software Engineer

Developed functional specifications of Colt Technology Services by analyzing and gathering customer requirements, building use cases, and process flow, thereby enhancing performance by 12%. Led the development of a $500K trade project from the requirement phase to the customer-go-live phase, including UT and UAT testing, by collaborating with cross-functional teams of Citibank.

Implemented innovative changes to Citibank trading system based on the client’s requirement and customer usability, using SQL Developer and Unix, resulting in increased performance & reduced costs by 30%.